Personnel Consulting

First Human Capital

Personnel Company Evaluation and Analysis - Psychologist and Economic Criminologist
Dr. Dr. Celeste Fabrie, Founder / Managing Director

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Good Employees are your Company's Greatest Asset

Personnel Consulting
Company Evaluation & Consulting

First Human Capital personnel company evaluation. Dr. Dr. Fabrie can provide executives with competent support in line with their needs and at short notice, especially if they face major challenges, such as disorders or serious conflicts in teams, leadership in stress-intensive contexts such as staff reduction, restructuring or in dealing with psychological stress, addictions or high-risk employees.

Dialogue and Open Communication
Taking Employees Seriously

With our external employee survey and consultation, we offer exactly these opportunities to those who need support and exactly when they need it. We offer a consulting and support service initiated by the employer, which managers and employees can use “anonymously”. Due to the duty of confidentiality and the status of an external consultant, we can avoid a loss-of-face among employees as well as the emergence of new areas of conflict. The discreet handling of information ensures that the scope and degree of truth of statements is significantly improved and that we can recognize possible conflicts, escalations and solidifications at an early stage. The overall performance of the organization is stabilized and improved.

Reasons for an external appraisal interview can be:

  • Excessive Workload, Burnout Danger
  • Conflicts with superiors, colleagues, bullying
  • Personal, mental or psychological impairments
  • Private problems in the family or partnership
    (e.g. separation, care of relatives, educational problems)

Personnel Consulting
Personnel Company Evaluation

Studies show that more than half of all mergers and acquisitions worldwide fail or are only partially successful. The most important reason for this is that limited, sincere attention is not devoted to the people in the organization, and company values are not being practiced. That is why we have specialized in professional and scientifically founded personnel company evaluation for medium-sized businesses.


Psychological assessments of hiring and promotion candidates as well as current executives

Management Audits

Who should stay?


Identifying high performers


Development of binding concepts for each service provider

Employee Retention

Strengths, weaknesses, further training measures


Identification and elimination of qualitative shortfalls

Conflict Settlement

Identify early warning signals through external interviews (reduction of fluctuation rate)


Initiate attitude and behavior changes

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Frau Dr. Fabrie ist aufgrund ihrer Ausbildung als Psychologin und Wirtschaftskriminologin und ihren Erfahrungen aus einer mehr als zwanzigjährigen Tätigkeit in großen und mittleren Wirtschaftsunternehmen in unterschiedlichen Branchen eine absolute Expertin wenn es um Ihr Personal geht. Ihre Expertisen für den gesamten HR-Bereich sowie einzelner Mitarbeiter sind klar und gut verständlich, aussagekräftig und mit einem gut begründeten Prioritätenranking versehen. Frau Dr. Fabrie beherrscht alle wissenschaftlichen Methoden, um Personal-Audits durchzuführen, z.B. mit der Delveo Skill Management Suite Software von der Internationalen Hochschule Bad Honnef, Bonn (IUBH) und ist Mitglied im Verband Freier Psychotherapeuten, Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie und Psychologischer Berater e.V.